Nazim UC2 Civic Center Gulshan Town Karachi

Brief about Rashid Godil Uc 2 Activities in Photo clips personal school to practicle life Real Estate Business Presedent Dhoraji Association 2003-5 Rashid Godil with A.P.M.F BOM member of World Memon Organisation Rashid Godil Family History

Rashid Godil take Otth date 18 Oct 2005

Abdul Rashid Godil was born in Dhoraji .Belong to Memon business family .Primary education from V.M.Public School Dhoraji Colony.Intermediate from National college in Karachi.Commerce Graduate from Karachi.Many diffrent courses in computer related fields.When he studied in Intermediate he started social and educational work among the poor in the community .Giving free education .Friend of godil gather and started YOUNG SCHOLARS Organisation in 1979 place Dhoraji .Aim to educate poor in the community and giving award to merit.All friend were students .they share and do social work Rashid godil was Vice Presedent of Y.S.O. Munir Palla was the First Presedent .In 1981 he join  ABBABIL Organisation aim for this books ,discounted grocerry,social work ,charity for needy student as well as Y.S.O . continue .Continue from student life he is doing social work in Karachi .He run edhi amubulance in dhoraji .Pan-aim incident in karachi he gave services with edhi at airport. In 1999-2001 he was elected Vice Presedent of Dhoraji Association .With new Vision he contribute his effort with his presedent .Fund collection , cricket team selection, and diffrent programme .In 2000 he was selected I.T.committe chairman with All Pakistan Memon Federation. He was selected member of Memon Khidmat Forum and he give services for HAJI's at airport In 2001 First Memon convention held In Dubai he was representing Karachi and become Life Member  .In 2003 He Elected Presedent Of Dhoraji Association for 2003-2005 .When getting top slot in community He wastrying level best He raise fund in his term almost double the fund . in two years time with his managing committe he gave best morale to association in tenure time two times cricket team win tournaments, in two year both the year naat and qirat progrmme held .children participate both in dhoraji and APMF and with grace of ALLAH children get several positions .Dhoraji Assocition host for the election of A.P.M.F people remember with the facilities given by host team .In 18 Oct 2005 he took otth of NAZIM UC2 Civic Center Gulshan Town In 11 months time resedent Uc 2 including bahadurabad ,sharfabad ,cp berar,gulshan,ghousia colony,dhoraji,dawood,husani,maqbool abad remember fast delvelopment work Chandni park , khawateen park,amina park ,afghani park develop .Life of rashid godil is for social uplift, better Karachi

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Rashid Godil with Mr.Wasay Jalil town nazim,naib nazim Sohaib akhtar

Build a better Karachi for our generation .Karachi city of love , city of business.Generate app 68% revenue of Pakistan Economy. If You resedent of Karachi , you are living ,earning from KARACHI you should give little time for betterment of Karachi. Together we can built better Karachi , Better Karachi mean better Pakistan. Love city of Karachi 

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